New Rider Assessment: This is one hour long. The Assessment is a one on one time with the instructor to get to know the facility and the horses.  It is designed so that the instructor can get feel for what kind of rider the student is and what horses best suit them.  It also gives the student a chance find out where where everything is.  The first part is a brief tour and tacking of the horse, the second half is the riding portion. The instructor will  asses the riding level of the student and discuss their goals and plans with them.  
Private Lessons: Private lessons are 45 minuets.  They are ideal for every level of rider.  We recommend that beginners start with private lessons before they are recommended for groups.  
Group Lessons: Group lessons are 1 hour long.  The have a minimum of two riders.  They are formed under the discretion of the instructor, based on age and/or skill level of the riders.  This is a great way to learn from other riders and to prepare for the show ring, where there will be numerous riders.  

*Riders that do not own or lease will be allowed to jump up to 2'3. 

Our services 

Our Promise 

Legacy Equestrians purpose is to make our students better riders and smarter horse people.  We expect our students to want to ask questions and want to learn how to become better equestrians.  We want our students to learn as much as they can, not only from the instructor, but from the horse and other riders as well.  We want to fuel the fire of passion for our four-legged friends. 

Clients are invoiced at the end of the month for lessons that we taken. Payment is accepted online. 

Cancelation Policy: There is a required 48 hour notice for cancelation of lessons, otherwise lesson is forfeited with no refund.

*Riders that do not own or lease will be charged a $25 horse use fee per lesson.

Package Cost 
$50  New client Assessment 
$65  Single Private lesson/drop in
$200  Package of 4 Privates  
$380  8 Privates in a month
$50  Single Group drop in
$160  Package of 4 Groups
$310  8 groups per month 
$345  4 groups and 4 privates per month $40 Training contact (when in a package) 

Lesson Packages 

Legacy Equestrians 

Lesson types  

At Legacy Equestrians we offer a variety of different lessons packages.  Our goal is to have the best program for each individual rider. We want every person to get what they are looking for out of our equine culture.  Legacy Equestrians caters to everyone.  We have riders that just ride for fun, and riders that hope to make this a career someday.  Our lessons start as young as age 5.  We also offer summer programs, ground lessons and more!