A half lease requires half of board, half the lease fee and the full price of all cost listed above, unless the horse has another lease.  The rider can ride or lesson up 3/ 4 days a week.  Clients in a half lease are required to lesson at least 6 - 8 times in a month. 

In a full lease the client is responsible for all of the costs listed above. Rider has full access to the horse.​

The prices are an estimate.  Each horse varies depending on needs ​

Board $550-650
Shoes $60-$200
Teeth Floating (once a year) ~$150
Vaccinations (Twice a year)  ~$100
Worming (Bi-Monthly) ~$15
Lease Fee  $100
Joint Supplements  $35-$150

Leasing with Legacy 

Codi Bair 

Owner and Head Trainer 

What lease is right for you? 

Our Team

Jenna Hoskinson

Assistant Trainer 

Legacy Equestrians is located at Creekside.  We have school and owned available for lease, or we can work with you to find a horse that is right for you.  Leasing a horse is a great way to take the first step to horse ownership. 

 Legacy horse leases have a minimum of 6 month requirement.   Theses lease prices do not include lessons.  New clients are required to take one package of lessons before leasing to ensure a good horse/ rider fit.  Some horses may also require extra care and supplements, these questions can be answered by the trainer.  Horses that are leased from another barn may have different costs. Riders are not permitted to jump when they are not in a lesson. Riders are required to take 2 lessons per week when in a lease.

Legacy Equestrians 

Costs of Leasing