Legacy Equestrians 

Legacy Equestrians competes in horse shows all year long.  During the Spring and a summer we compete in the CHJA Circuit. During the Fall and winter we compete in IEA.    

IEA is a middle and high school riding team that competes against other barns in the area.  If qualified, riders may have the opportunity to go and compete at a national level.  This competition is based on catch riding and equitation.  This team is open to riders in grades 4-12.  It is a great way to prepare for college riding teams.  Our team is combined with The Urban Farm. 
Students are required to ride in at lease 8 lessons or practices per month with an approved instructor
IEA Shows
All students are required to attend all shows and stay for the entire day, to support the team.  There are a MAXIMUM of 5 shows that students can compete in during the regular IEA season. Season Oct-April. 
$30/practice     Combined practice
$50/show         Coaching
$50/class          Entry fees per show
$40                   Trailering/Gas per show

$100-$200        Horse use fee for non-lease

Our riders

Horse Showing

Who We Are

CHJA circuit offers horse shows every weekend from April - October.  

Horse Show fees 
Coaching $150-50/day
Horse Use Fee $85/rider/day
Trailering Varies- on location
Day Horse Care $20/night (overnight shows)

Entry fees for shows also need to be paid the day of the show. Other costs may vary.  If there is an overnight show hotel accommodations for the trainer is split between the clients. Other costs including hay, feed, stall may also be charged for shows.  


IEA Team 

Horse showing is a great way to stay motivated and help riders work towards a goal.  

Space to the horse show may be limited so be sure to sign up early!